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Confused About What To Eat? Forget the RULES!

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Author Credit: Felicia Romero

Most people are confused about what to eat, fat free, low fat, low carb or no carb….it is all so confusing. What I have been promoting to my clients and all who attend my seminars is…”Forget the RULES and put aside what you think you know”. We are not powerless…we have common sense and a desire to live healthy, happy lives….we SHOULD NOT let the confusion regarding nutrition and fitness control us.

If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, make it a LIFESTYLE , not a DUTY

Stay away from the fixations of the number on the scale…it will begin to rule your life and steal your joy. So here are some common myths that I encourage you all to change your “perspective” about to help you on your journey:

Old thought– To lose weight, you must diet

New thought – To lose weight, nourish and fuel your body

Dieting will create an unhealthy relationship with food, believe me I know, and wreaks havoc on metabolism. Depriving oneself causes extreme acts of “all in” or “all out” instead of focusing on balance! So a better approach is to decide to eat healthy for life and enjoy high quality, nutrient dense foods.

Old thought– Exercise to burn calories

New thought– Exercise to gain strength, build fitness and increase metabolism

Old thought– Count calories

New thought– Eat more nutrient based calories

Simply put, eating fewer calories than you are burning will end up being a losing strategy because focusing simply on numbers will treat all calories equal..and they are not and all affect the body differently. Fats have more calories per serving than other “macronutrients” but doesn’t mean you should stay away. I know plenty of people that will stay away from peanut butter because of the amount of calories per serving. Don’t do this!

Old thought– Weight loss is about changing your body

New thought – Weight loss is about CHANGING YOUR LIFE

As I have evolved my mind and experience with health and fitness I have now come to realize that it is so much more about the “brain” and less about the “body” .

Author Credit: Felicia Romero/ Owner at Felicia Romero's Fit Method.


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