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Balancing sacrifices

Daniel Franchini | | 1 comment

Balancing sacrifices | Twisted Gear, Inc.
This can be transcribed into all big goals ... my focus is health and wellness however I personally have used this approach for my business growth as well. My minds on fire today thinking about a conversation I had this week about sacrifice... my mind is blown away with what we are all willing to sacrifice for the fear of the unknown. Oftentimes we think that the sacrifices and weight loss are the foods that were giving up or the time that we're giving up to put time in the gym to get out to with there and socialize... the reality of our sacrifice is the sacrifices that we're making not to do those things and continuously we battle with our overall health.
The biggest sacrifice are the ones not giving me:
  1. A fuller life. (Enriched with my family/friends)
  2. A longer life. (More quality time to spend with them)
  3. A better quality of life. (How I choose to spend that time)
Often we choose what lies in our comfort zone something that makes sense. it's something we've done day in and day out. Why are we taking that sacrifice?
The everyday discomfort because it's what we know, for the new which is a temporary discomfort when you go to the gym or a temporary inconvenience in you meal plan.
(I mean now that I've been doing it a long time I don't feel this inconvenience it's part of my new now.)
I don't take time away from my friends and family my friends and family are part of that Circle. They are part of that enrichment and because I have not made that sacrifice of bad Health any longer I now get to be around for longer with them.
I want you to think what are you sacrificing today... that takes away from the long-term results of your overall health and well-being what is it now that you aren't doing so that you can feel comfortable today with the decision that you're making.
Think of the difference in your sacrifices if it's something that truly means something to you.. to be around longer for your family ask yourself what are you willing to deposit into that emotional bank and that physical Bank to make your life more enriched.
What are you sacrificing?

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