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There’s been a lot of times in my life but I heard the sentence, “you would really be beautiful if you lost the weight”. It doesn't stop when you reach their goals projected upon you. They find new things to pick apart. But my motto adapted in my weight loss journey is, ”There projection is NOT MY PROBLEM”.

Unfortunately, I know I am not alone hearing phrases like ”beautiful if...” because the people I encounter on their personal roads to health & ideal beauty.

Beauty, however, isn’t what others project on to you it needs to start inside and blossom outwardly. On my personal weight loss journey, I worked to feel beautiful outside and inside. I did not see any value the beauty that my closest person, my husband, saw in me all the time. I had to work to that. In losing

the amount of weight that I have lost, 110+ pounds makes a person work on the broken within. Without working on me, I could not be there for my family. My beauty has always been there, words just helped me snuff out my confidence in who I was. The weight loss, for me, helped me see all the hard mental work I had to do to clean up what was going on inside my soul. Let’s just say helps me see my inner beauty shine through so I can feel Externally beautiful... but really the PROCESS of what I went through is

where the beauty lies...

This had me thinking recently; I work in the MedSpa industry in so much of that industry relies on the fact of external beauty. In my career, I aid others in making sure that you feel good on the outside; though it really enhances how you feel matching to what is already there, your internal beauty. I would be lying if I said the two are not connected; many times one impacts the other. Day in and day out I help people see their true beauty it’s covered with either hair or some skin abnormality. It is not different than my weight was for me (and hair problems, Italians, we are fuzzy people) I needed to find assistance in seeing that.

My original thought was it was my trainer’s job was to help remove what society & I deemed “not beautiful” so that I could see what was really there. And it was a therapists job to get my head right...It didn’t change who I am. Just allowed me to clear things up a bit. This is me.

What does that mean for realization see the journey that you go on for health and wellness? You reveal so much more about yourself... it reveals your personality, it reveals the things that are muddled up by the temporary. Weight is temporary. Weight can be changed. Who you are at your core will be always there. You need to let that person shine brightly. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NOW! That’s what you need to

remember most. Let that beauty shine by working on the things that dim that light.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, I hope it inspired you to see the beautiful in you.


Stephanie Shields

INBF Competitor / PhatGirlFit

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