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Carb Timing

Daniel Franchini | | 21 comments

Carb Timing | Twisted Gear, Inc.
What is the buzz in today’s conversations about diet and nutrition?!? Carbohydrates that’s with the buzz is about. Can you eat them? Should you eat them? When should you eat them?

Well, before we get into that I think it is important to talk about what carbohydrates do for the body, as well as what proteins and fats do for the body. Let’s start with protein. Protein biggest and most common benefit is supporting and building muscle mass. Everybody who’s ever touched a weight, or talked about a diet, knows that you need to eat protein. Now, the amount of protein is a whole different topic. Now, what about fats? Healthy fats have many different benefits, actually. To start, they provide the body with very efficient energy. They also help the body to produce strong and healthy hair, nails, and skin. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, House one use and one use only. They provide the body with energy. Now, what we don’t like to talk about, is that if the carbohydrates that you consume all right used as the energy they will be stored as fat. Which is where society gets off on saying that we should not eat carbohydrates, because they transform into fat. Although this is slightly true, it is also slightly wrong.

Now, this is where the blog actually starts. Carbohydrates are an amazing source of nutrients for the body. However, they need to be used appropriately! Now a little bit a car as we go along ways, so if we tying them accurately we can allow her body to use them officially so that they are used for their purpose, which is energy. And not stored as excess fat. Today society consumes carbohydrates in just about everything that we consume, to include our drinks. Which is where the excess fat in today’s Americans comes from. Our bodies, for those of us that are not on performance-enhancing drugs, are not designed to efficiently use carbohydrates if we are not using them appropriately. The most effective, and appropriate times to consume carbohydrates are right before or right after physical activity. For instance, if you are a natural bodybuilder, your carbohydrates come in the very beginning of the day, and either right before or right after your work out depending on your ending goal. No carbohydrates, starchy carbohydrates anyway, should be consumed outside of those two or three meals. We should not consume them with snacks, or with drinks, or with any meal that isn’t following or going to lead into an effective workout or bout of physical activity.

Our bodies can run very efficiently half of a small number of carbohydrates in the morning and the proteins and vegetables that we give it throughout the day. In fact, our bodies really like that! Many people just have a hard time giving up the carbohydrates.

Eat smart, it often and work out with the high intensity of 2 to 5 times a week, and you will stay lean and healthy.

Iron sharpens iron

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