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Daniel Franchini | | 13 comments


There are very few things I hate. Let me tell you though, maaaaaan do I hate the term ”comfort zone” because so often that comfort zone is incredibly uncomfortable! 


We sit there and we talk about how we don't want to step outside the comfort zone because we don't know what's on the outside.

You're so uncomfortable there...I know this!!  I can't tell you how uncomfortable I was in my so-called comfort zone. With my continued transformation these days if I'm in a comfort zone I know I need to get my butt moving because that area doesn’t serve me.


I know that if my comfort zone is making me feel like I need to snuggle in a little bit better that means that I am not going after some big goal I have set for myself. That means that I am not creating the best current version of me. Not learning new things about life, about who I am, who I can be. It means I am bored. 


So I rephrase the comfort zone to the “uncomfortable zone”.  I think I think of all of the times I have told myself, ”that is difficult I don't want to try it.”

Or, ”I don't want to do it because it's going to be uncomfortable”... all those times I fell short of my true potential, because of perceived discomfort.

WE NEED TO REMEMBER Growth is uncomfortable; get out of your comfort zone we need to grow.

 The longer we sit there, the less likely we are to move; the less we move, the less we’re living... so get moving out of that zone!!! 

Get moving forward!!

Give yourself forward movement no matter how uncomfortable you are so that you can process new things in your life.

My current comfort zone. Is completely gone from show prep everything is new.

Feelings are new.

Emotions new.

But you know I am really cool with the new because the new means growth the new has I'm working to be a better version of me.

We are not meant to say still we are not meant to be stagnant we are meant to move and enjoy life get out of your zones and explore.


You will thank yourself so much.


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