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Batch Cooking

Daniel Franchini | | 39 comments

Batch Cooking | Twisted Gear, Inc.


Meal prepping is the most basic way to keep yourself in line with your nutrition goals, many people know that. So I am not going to chit chat about why you should meal prep, and all it’s benefits. I am going to assume that you know these and that you know it’s the easiest way to stay “clean” on your nutrition. 


But the question I get asked pretty frequently is “I don't have the time to cook these meals every day. How do you do it?”

The answer is simple. Batch cooking. 

In essence, take 2-3 hours 1-2 times a week to cook a large amount of food, and save yourself the time in the back end! 

Let’s pick Sunday, for example. And let’s say you are cooking 4 meals per day, for 4 days. 

This particular Sunday you run to the store, buy everything you will need for all 16 meals, and let the fun begin. You spend maybe 3 hours cooking, weighing, measuring, packaging and organizing all of your meals. 

Now, come Monday morning you have 16 prepped containers full of deliciousness stacked in your fridge. You grab the 4 meals you will need and head out. Monday through Thursday you can spend 24 hours that day outside of your house, 0 hours cooking and meet ALL of your nutritional needs!!! 


That 2-3 hour may be a bit crazy. Two pans full of veggies, eggs or egg whites in the oven, 2 pounds of chicken on the grill and a slow cooker full of rice. But it will ALL be done when you go to sleep that night. 


This, in my experience, is the easiest, most effective way of prepping your food. That way you don’t guess along the way, try to make things work outside of the house or run out of time during the day to cook. 


Try it!!


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